Designing activities and services during construction

Predevising preparation

  • Complex pre-project & pre-design activities include Investment study.

Design activity

  • Documentation as per EIA (Act No.100 / 2001 Sb.), Including consultations
  • Documentation IPPC (Act No.76 / 2002 Sb.), Including consultations
  • Documentation for “Area approval” (law 501/2006 Coll.) Including Area approval
  • Documentation for “Construction permit” (law 499/2006 Coll.), Including Construction permit
  • Energy Performance Certificate — PENB
  • Site work management
  • The documentation for a contractor builder (also in cases of public tenders)
  • Documentation for Site Erection (Decree 499/2006 Coll.)
  • Documentation of As build, including «RedCorrect» documentation
  • All documents are processed and done by an authorized person

The activities during erection

  • Presents of authorized supervision
  • Presents on behalf of investors technical supervision
  • Provision of OSH Coordinator on site (Act No.309 / 2006 Coll.)
  • Preparation of documentation for commissioning (operating instructions)
  • Participation during commissioning — individual and comprehensive testing, pilot operation
  • The preparation of the approval process, including the incorporation of comments from approval committee