Dust removal and desulphurization of energy sources

  • Dust removal, DeSOx and DeNOx boilers in power plants based on processed Basic Design Licensor

DeSOx and DeNOx — FlueFlex

FlueFlex technology is used for flue gas desulfurization and denitrification of coking batteries. Technology takes place in two main steps:

1) Reduction of SO2 protection technologies DeNOx and achieve the desired SO2 concentration > 30 mg / Nm3 by using semi-dry lime or ammonia method.

2) Denitrification for achieving NOx concentration> 30 mg / Nm3 by means of conventional catalytic methods (catalytic reactor) or a combined device (common filter and the catalytic reactor, a bag filter with an embedded catalyst).


  • BTP-HP Aquachemie (Biological Treatment Plant)

Design BWWTP for industrial applications to achieve up to 70% re-utilization of waste water technology with the use of membrane separation processes (reverse osmosis)

  • Venting & Sealing

Prevention of leakage of harmful substances from individual operating facilities into the air with an inert medium (nitrogen)