Offered machinery in greater detail:


  • Machines for coke oven batteries for top charge & step charge operation
  • Operating machines of coke oven batteries
  • Coal and coke service

Machines for bulk handling operation:

  • Scrapers
  • Gantry belt stackers and gantry bucket-chain reclaimers
  • Bucket-wheel stacker/reclaimers
  • Grab cranes

Raw material (coal and ore) processing plants:

  • Complete solution from input of mined out material to the sorted material shipment

Coal handling of heating and power plants:

  • Complete solution of fuel transport from input (tilt) to the boilers

Bulk material storage, handling and preparation:

  • Complete solution of storage including material conveyance lines

Processing plant raw materials (coal and ore)

  • Complete solutions from entering mined product, after sorting generic expedition

Coaling heat and power plants:

  • Complete transport solutions from arrival (tilt) to transport fuel for boilers

Storage, handling and preparation of raw materials — solids:

  • complete solution including storage, transport routes

These units are assembled from particular machines and equipment that are offered separately as a part of repairs, modernization, etc. it is for example:

  • Machine, wagon and car carriages
  • Drive units and systems (chain and rope)
  • Pressureless and pressure piping systems and pipelines customized according to the customer’s specifications (circular, shaped, special)
  • Pressure water pumping and distribution systems
  • Cranes and lifting gear
  • Equipment for breaking of frozen load on wagons
  • Transfer ladle and scrap cars

The equipment is, of course, provided based on turnkey delivery which includes a solution ensuring compliance with emission limits and environmental requirements including commissioning and handover to the customer.